Week 5: One Month Completed

Week 4

This 365 day photo project is getting harder. Partly because I’ve been going to work earlier, so by half past ten I’m not really feeling like going driving to find a photograph. However, on the plus side, it’s made me take a look around the house for photographs, and I’ve ended up taking some close-ups ...

Week 3

Week 1 Completed: Bring on Week 2 2

So I managed to complete the first week of my 365 day project. It wasn’t incredibly hard to do, and I’m pretty pleased with most of the first seven pictures. I can see it getting much harder in the future; tonight I had to go for a drive to find a picture because I hadn’t ...

Week 1

So here’s my first photo of the 365 day project. This story will hopefully update itself during the week to show the rest of the week’s photos too, assuming I have written my blog code properly, and you’re not viewing this in an RSS reader or on facebook.

365 Days

For the last few years, my only camera (apart from my sixteen or so antique cameras) has been a Canon EOS 300D – a digital SLR. It’s a very good camera, and takes great photos. But it’s rather unwieldy, and I’m often out and about and see something which would make a great photo, but ...

Canada Photos

I’ve just put a small selection of photos from my Canada trip on this website. On the Canada Photos page, as it happens.