At lunchtime yesterday I noticed there was hoar frost on the trees, but didn’t have my camera with me. So I took it to work today and fortunately there was still frost. Not as spikey as yesterday, but still beautiful.

National Arboretum

Child Benefit Cuts

I’m not sure what I think about cutting child benefit from higher earners. On the one hand, if you’re earning a lot, you probably don’t need child benefit. On the other hand, £44k isn’t actually a  huge amount of money, although it is a lot more than the national average, and more than I am ...


If you’re not already signed up to Quidco, I’d definitely recommend it. I’ve received over £700 of cashback over the last three years. The biggest cashback payments have been for switching gas and electricity providers. There are quite a few of these cashback sites around, but Quidco seems to be one of the better ones ...

No Barbeques For Two Weeks

This week and next week (July 16th and 23rd) there will be no weekly barbeque.

Godiva Festival

Godiva Festival
At the weekend I went to the Godiva Festival, twice. Now, in the past I’ve been to it occasionally, and it has been anything ranging from dire to dismal. Last year, admittedly, I wasn’t able to go as I was on holiday in Canada – and I would like to have gone, as Newton Faulkner ...

Salad Optimisation

Salad Optimisation
At Morrisons you can make your own salad. In order to fit the most salad possible into the small plastic container, it is important that any rice or couscous is added either first or last (or both), in order that it can fill all the gaps between the chunkier items. It’s also important to squish ...