High Blog Of The Week

In honour of my blog being written from higher than the whole of the British Isles, it has been named as High Blog Of The Week on The Wibsite. Welcome to anyone visiting from the land of Wib.

Snow 1

Today it snowed. Okay, so it didn’t snow in Nairobi, but it might have snowed in Kenya somewhere. I did see snow today. I had to look through binoculars to see it. It was on top of Mount Kenya.

Road Trip 1

Yesterday, after a long weekend of sitting behind my computer, I got bored and decided to go for a drive with my cameras. I started randonly driving along the main road out of town, and then kept going. Since my digital camera is so small I could just hold it on top of the steering ...

I Love Rain? 2

Look – it rains in Africa! It’s been raining for about an hour now. Although the Kenyans will be pleased it’s raining, I still can’t quite shake off my English predisposition to disliking rain.

Premiership, Here We Come 1

Hooray, Leicester City are back in the Premiership, after only one season down.

New Roof

It’s been quite noisy here recently, as they’ve been putting a new roof on the office. It used to be a flat roof, but the rain keeps coming through (not that we’ve had much recently, even though we’re supposed to be having the long rains now). Now we’re getting a sloping roof. It’s a good ...

More Digital Photo Fun 2

I went to lunch at the Yaya Centre today. Paul drove, so I stuck my camera out the window and took photos all the way. Out of the 106 pictures I took, here are three of the most interesting ones. Some of the others were interesting too, but you can look at those when I ...