Yes, it does snow in England. Although by tomorrow it’ll probably be gone.


There was another homebuilding show today, but since we’ve already been to two recently, we decided to give it a miss, and went to Oxford where the buildings are a lot older.

Improving Coventry 1

Last night, Naomi and I went for a drive around Leamington, scouting for a nice restaurant or pub in which to have her birthday meal next week. I knew Leamington had more eateries than Coventry, but I was still surprised by how many. The town is heaving with them! And most of them look a ...

House Building Shows

A fortnight ago, Naomi and I went to the Grand Designs Live show at the NEC. It was really interesting, and it made me all the more determined to actually build a house rather than buy one. There was a huge amount of stuff on display, and we came back with two bags packed with ...

The Summer, A Piano and Ice Hockey

If you’ve been regularly visiting my blog, as I’m sure most people do, you’ll have noticed a lot of nothing happening. You’d be mistaken, however, to think that a lot of nothing has been happening. I have, in fact, been do a lot of not nothing. We’ve been to Hay-on-Wye, Cambridge, Bournemouth, London, Canada (a ...

Random Free Stuff

Today we got free burgers at a butchers in town, and potatoes, carrots, raspberries and bricks from my aunt. We also took some photos while we were there. (At my aunt’s, not at the butchers.)

Car Maintenance is Easy (Sometimes)

One of my favourite things about my VW Golf is the really positive gearshift – it just feels right. But last week it suddenly went slack – which meant it felt like driving an old Ford instead. Well, not quite that bad, but there was a couple of inches of front to back play on ...