Last Post?

This is probably my last blog entry from Kenya, at least for a year or two, as I leave the country on Sunday night and I won’t have internet access after I leave the office today. So I thought I’d show you one of the sights I’m going to miss once I get back to the UK.

This morning at chai break then we were saying goodbye to a couple of people who’ve worked here for several years, so they said goodbye to me as well even though I’ve only been here for a year. At lunch time we (the computer services department) are going over to Westlands for a curry as my leaving meal.

Tomorrow I’ll be trying to pack and decide which stuff to leave behind and which stuff to give to people to bring for me in a few weeks or months when they visit the UK. Although I’ve given loads of stuff away, I think there’s still far more than 20kg left. Especially with all the drums I’ve bought.

On Sunday evening the youth have a party, after which I’m going straight to the airport and flying home via Dubai. I should be in Birmingham by midday on Monday.

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