Childish Fun

On Saturday Andrew, David and myself went boating on the lake in Uhuru Park. The picture you see isn’t from inside a cave – it’s taken through one of the the holes in the boat. (“This is a very good boat” is what the woman said when she gave it to us.) You had to be careful not to have too many people at the front of the boat otherwise it would start taking on water. When I was here before then I would always rush through the park to avoid getting mugged, but being in a group meant we were able to relax and sit around doing nothing much except chatting.

In the evening we went to the Twentieth Century cinema and watched Dodgeball. Because the cinema didn’t have a poster for the film, no-one else had bought tickets for it when we got there, and when they played the national anthem at the start we sang over it, which is of course illegal and very immature, but immensely fun when you have the cinema to yourself! The film was very funny and well worth seeing if you want some mindless entertainment.

I’ve now eaten mandazi, Java House burritos, chevda, ugali and nyama choma, and drunk Stoney, chai and fresh mango juice. I still need to get my hands on some chapatis, bhajia, kebab, sukuma wiki and tusker to make the culinary experience complete.

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