Cambridge and Some Root Beer 1

Today Naomi and I went for a daytrip. We looked at the weather forecast last night to see what parts of the country were going to be sunny today, and decided that Cambridge would be our destination. And for once the weather forecast was right, and it was sunny all day. We had fun taking lots of photos, and just enjoying being out of the house and exploring together again.

While we were in Cambridge we bought A&W Root Beer (a North-American drink) imported from Singapore from a Chinese shop. We went into a Chinese shop, where they were selling all sorts of weird things, like tins of braised eel and roasted squid, seaweed, strange looking unidentified packets of squishy things, and then I found A&W Root Beer – so we bought two big bottles of it. I just thought I’d share that with the world.

I’d write more, but I’m tired and I haven’t downloaded the photos from my camera yet. I think there are some good pictures on the memory card, so I’ll put them on my photos page if there are.

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  1. Reply Nathan Oct 22,2020 04:25

    I love your method of choosing a destination; where shall I go today? I know… wherever it’s sunny! Never would have thought of that.

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