You Got A Fast Car

Yesterday I got the exhaust fixed on my car – finally, after five visits to the exhaust place. The first time they didn’t have the part, so they ordered it. The second time they fitted the part. Later that day it broke. The next day I went back and they said it was a dodgy part, and ordered another one. The next time I went, after fitting the replacement they realised it was also dodgy, so they ordered one from somewhere else. And yesterday I drove to the place, stalled the car and was unable to start it again. They pushed the car onto the ramp, fitted the exhaust, and then I called to RAC, who told me the ignition coil had broken. So this morning I bought a new coil and installed it (it took about five minutes to fit), and I had a properly working car for the first time since before Christmas (when I had the car serviced and discovered the exhaust was breaking).

Unfortunately, there still seems to be some kind of problem with the car – it still runs badly sometimes. I tried disconnecting the MAF sensor to see if the car would work better without it (apparently that’s a good way to see if it’s faulty), but it didn’t help.

After fitting the ignition coil, Naomi and I drove to Towcester (pronounced Toaster) to meet a couple whose wedding we’re going to be photographing. They’re (probably) having their reception at Silverstone, so I got some photos of cars racing while we were there. It was pretty cool being in the British Racing Drivers’ Club – with a Gold Star Award board which included names like Jack Brabham, Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill.

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