American Football

This afternoon I went to the Leicester Tigers ground to watch an American Football game between the Leicester Panthers and the Loughborough Aces. I haven’t watched American Football live before – only on TV in the superbowl a few times. I have to say, when there aren’t advert breaks every few seconds, it almost becomes watchable. Certainly on a par with a bad game of football – like the FA Cup Final between Manchester and Chelsea last week. Rugby Union and Ice Hockey have to be the best sports to watch though.

I took quite a few photos during the game, and couldn’t decide which to put on my blog, so I chose three in the end, as you can see. In the third picture I thought the players looked like dufflepuds.

Unfortunately, Naomi had to work despite it being a bank holiday, which sucked, because it would have been much better if she’d been there with me. And if the weather hadn’t been freezing cold and rainy!

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