The Summer, A Piano and Ice Hockey

If you’ve been regularly visiting my blog, as I’m sure most people do, you’ll have noticed a lot of nothing happening. You’d be mistaken, however, to think that a lot of nothing has been happening. I have, in fact, been do a lot of not nothing. We’ve been to Hay-on-Wye, Cambridge, Bournemouth, London, Canada (a small village in the New Forest), the Lake District and Warwick Castle. We would have gone to more places if it hadn’t been for the floods.

As well as going to all those places, I’ve been doing ten hours of overtime each week. And yesterday we got a piano for free, which I’ve had apart to clean. Now we need to get it tuned, and I need to fix the sticky keys.

This evening we went to see Coventry Blaze playing Newcastle Vipers at ice hockey. To be honest, Blaze were playing pretty poorly until midway through the third period, by which time it was too late. And then we pulled off our goalie, and in all the games I have seen, doing that has always resulted in the goalie-less team conceding a goal. It happened again tonight, and we lost 5-3.

The Newcastle team played very well, but their supporters let them down. At the end of the game, when something was being awarded to some children by the players, they started booing. Coventry supported retaliated by cheering louder so that you couldn’t hear the immature Newcastle supporters.

And now, some pictures.

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