This and That

So I haven’t blogged very often recently. Sorry. Being married and having a full time job (especially one which keeps requiring overtime) kind of takes away from blogging time. And when I’ve been sitting in front of a computer for eight hours already, it’s nice to do something else when I get home. Like read a book, play my guitar or watch a DVD. At the moment, watching DVDs is winning out, mostly because we have another free three month trial with LOVEFiLM.

We do a fair bit of driving too. We went over to Kidderminster to pick up a cool antique the other Sunday evening, and last week we made a five and a half hour round trip to Pontefract to pick up some other antique stuff without knowing if we were going to the right place or if anyone would be at home when we got there – but it was, and they were, so we picked it up and came home and can now enjoy both our cool antiques together, and I’d say what it actually was, but I haven’t decided whether I want the in-laws to know what it is before we go to Cambridge in the summer.

The driving is fun, but it’s killing our car. It’s done a hundred and forty thousand miles so far, and it’s starting to die. The head gasket needs changing, the piston rings probably need doing, second gear is starting to get crunchy… Perhaps I should just replace the car rather than fixing it. But spending money on the car doesn’t help with paying off my debts, so at the moment we’re in run it into the ground mode, and hoping it keeps going despite all the warning signs. Then when all our debts are gone, we can build a house.

Speaking of houses, our landlord, despite being a very nice person, has defaulted on his mortgage and so our house is currently being managed by the receivers. The receivers say not to worry, and that we can still carry on living there as we have a tenancy agreement, but it’s only a six month one, I’d like to live there a bit longer than that, and I haven’t found out if we’ll be allowed yet. Although perhaps there’ll be the opportunity to buy the place instead? Still, I’d rather build if I get the chance.

There, I think that’ll do for a while.

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