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Wednesday nights are date night for Naomi and myself. Most often we just go to the cinema (which is two-for-one on a Wednesday night), but last night we decided to eat out as well. And, for once, we ate out in Coventry instead of going to Leamington. There’s a very nice looking place on Medieval Spon Street called 1450 Café Bar – which is an old (circa 1450) half timbered building. Inside there are old-looking wooden tables and heavy wooden chairs, and lots of beers from all over the world, including Tusker from Kenya. However, the food left a little to be desired. We ordered crusty bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar as a starter, but to our amazement, the crusty bread turned out to just be sliced bread. If a restaurant can’t even get their bread right, I wasn’t holding out great hope for the main course. However, the fillet steak with mushrooms, tomatoes and chips was okay – the steak was medium-rare as ordered, but there was nothing special about it, certainly nothing to justify the rather high price tag. So, all in all, I wouldn’t recommend it for meals, although it’s probably a nice place to go for a foreign beer.

After the meal we went to the cinema and watched Vantage Point, which was a really good movie. I’ve got rather tired of watching action movies recently, as all too often they are just lots of special effects with minimal story, but this film kept me interested from start to finish. I won’t give it a full review though, as I’m pretty bad at writing film reviews.

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  1. Reply Rach Oct 23,2020 08:59

    Oh dear – if I’d have written this post, the opinions would be the complete opposite!

    I’ve been to 1450 many times with friends and twice with work colleagues for a Christmas meal and a leaving do. I was impressed with the service there and thought the food was very good. Admittedly, I didn’t order crusty bread etc – the sliced bread does sound bad, but everything I’ve had there has been very high quality indeed. Thought the prices were reasonable too?

    On the other hand, we weren’t impressed with Vantage Point at all. We, and the rest of the cinema goers that night, were laughing AT the film by about half way through. I mean, seriously, did they really think all those rewind flashback scenes were a good idea? The film was predictable, rambling and repetitive, had no sense of purpose and very little believability.

    Oh well!! Everyone’s different, eh?!

  2. Reply James Ots Oct 23,2020 08:59

    When I say ‘a really good movie’, I guess I’m exaggerating slightly. I enjoyed watching it at the time, which has to count for quite a lot I think, but the more I think back over it, there more I pick faults with it. At the time though, it kept my interest and entertained me. And maybe I don’t tend to be too critical of action movies, as most of them are completely unbelievable and have very little depth.

    I still stand by my opinion of 1450 though. £42 for a poor starter, two average mains and a couple of drinks is way overpriced.

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