365 Days

For the last few years, my only camera (apart from my sixteen or so antique cameras) has been a Canon EOS 300D – a digital SLR. It’s a very good camera, and takes great photos. But it’s rather unwieldy, and I’m often out and about and see something which would make a great photo, but I don’t have my camera with me. I always have my phone with me though, and recently I’ve started taking photos with its camera. I’ve been able to get some interesting photos, but the quality is atrocious.

So for Christmas, I got a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3. It’s a tiny point-and-shoot camera, and it doesn’t even have a manual mode. But it does take pretty good quality photos (compared to other cameras in the same price bracket and size), and it’s tiny. So I am able to keep it in my pocket at all times. And this coming year, my plan is to do that.

For every day of 2009, I am going to take a photograph and post it on flickr. I have no rules about what I will take photographs of. Some might be photos of what I was doing that day, some might be interesting things I saw, or just arty shots I’m trying out. But the challenge is to get one photo for every day. I imagine that after May, there might be quite a few which are of The Baby, or things to do with The Baby, although I’m going to try not to have just baby pictures. Those pictures can go in a separate album. Oh, and the plan is to take a photograph every day – but I won’t necessarily always post them on the day I take them – I’ll probably end up uploading them in batches.

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