2nd Weekly Barbeque

We’ve just finished our second weekly barbeque, and it went well. Especially the weather – last week it rained, but today it was nice and hot so we could sit outside.

In case you haven’t heard, the idea is that we’ll have a barbeque every Friday evening during the summer. If you know us, you’re welcome to turn up any time after 6.30 – we’ll probably get the barbeque fired up around 7. Bring something to put on the barbie and something to drink (and be prepared to share both), and we’ll provide bread and sides. If you can let us know if you’re coming in advance it’ll help us to get the right amount of stuff ready, but if you don’t let us know you’re still welcome to come.

If there’s ever a week when we can’t have the barbeque we’ll notify you on this blog and on the Facebook group.

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