Good Hair Day 4

This morning I finally got the plumber to come and fix my drains. Now the water disappears instead of coming up in my bath with a load of dirt. Hooray!

This afternoon I got my hair cut at the Yaya Centre. I hate having my hair cut, but they managed to do a really good job for just 450 shillings. Then I had Steak Diana at the restaurant there, for less than my haircut cost. Last time I had that meal was at an Italian restaurant in Coventry and it cost over 20 quid. This one tasted better, although perhaps it was because I knew it cost a lot less?

4 thoughts on “Good Hair Day

  1. Reply Peter Hall Apr 7,2006 14:06

    Nice one James! You’re half way around the world and you manage to remind me to get a haircut just when I need one. Well, you did better than any of the people who see me every day.

  2. Reply James Ots Apr 7,2006 14:06

    Glad to be of service! (It’s nice to know someone’s reading my website.)

  3. Reply Peter Hall Apr 7,2006 14:06

    I want more content – or it might end up with someNONE reading your website. 😉

  4. Reply James Ots Apr 7,2006 14:06

    You could read the code blog as well.

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