Life Goes On

Last night I went to the new cinema out at the village market to watch Minority Report. It’s only just come out over here, even though it was the last film I saw in the UK about five months ago. (We often get films a few weeks early though). Unfortunately, all the films were sold out so we couldn’t experience the ‘club class’ seats in any of the four screens.

We instead went to a cool bar in town called Gipsy. It reminded me of Coventry – the building was a horrible concrete thing, but the atmosphere was great. Also, the weather was cool and rainy. I had a kebab and a few rum & cokes before we moved onto Kengeles, a chain of bars across Nairobi which kind of remind me of Wetherspoons. I had a Kenyan Guinness, which tasted vaguely of Guinness, but was very bitter and had a strange sesame aftertaste.

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