Two Films

On Saturday I watched the new Bond film. Although not a great film, it is generally a good Bond film. It has everything you’d expect and then some. Sometimes it was so over the top it almost had me in stitches, though some of the inuendo belonged in Austin Powers really. The special effects in the parachute surfing scene didn’t work – it looked really fake.

Yesterday I watched the latest Harry Potter film. We were going to the new cinema to book tickets for Lord Of The Rings, and since Chamber of Secrets was showing I thought I may as well watch it. I thought it was better than the Bond film in almost every way, except for the ending which was really cheesy.

I was a bit disappointed with the cinema though. Everyone has been talking about how wonderful it is and how nice the seats are, but I think I prefer the Sarit Centre. The seats were big and quite comfortable, but there was very little leg room and the head rest was too far forward which meant it was difficult to relax. On the positive side, at least the sound was good, whereas at the Sarit Centre it often drops out or changes volume at random points during the film.

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