What I Miss About England 1

I think people back home think my year in Kenya is just one big holiday. Although I do love living here, there are some things about England that I miss…

  • Long summer evenings – Although we have lovely weather here, the sun goes down at 6.30 all year round, which doesn’t seem right.
  • Clean drinking water – I’ve got so used to refilling the water filter every evening and cleaning the mud off it each week that I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to take a drink straight from the tap.
  • Safe roads – With potholes, few road markings and vehicles with no lights or dazzling lights, driving at night is the one thing that really scares me here.
  • Safe cities – I don’t go into Nairobi too often – it’s too stressful. I spend all my time looking over my shoulder to see if someone’s about to mug me.
  • Friends – I have made quite a few friends here, but I still miss my friends from home. (Of course, when I go home next year I’ll miss my friends from here!)
  • Reliable electricity – The power here is supposed to be 240V like in the UK. It tends to range from 0-1000V in reality.
  • My guitar – The Yamaha electric guitar I’ve borrowed from church is okay, but it’s not a patch on my Patrick Eggle back home! The church is getting a Line6 POD soon though, so that’ll nearly make up for not having my Line6 Flextone amp.

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  1. Reply James Ots Apr 7,2006 14:06

    By the way, the list is in no particular order and isn’t exhaustive.

    Sometime in the future I’ll add another list entitled ‘Things I’m going to miss about Kenya’.

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