Two Things I Like

Unrelated to my ongoing Lamu story, here are a couple of other things I want to comment on…

First, Anita Shreve. I’ve just read three of her books, and I’ve decided that she’s my current favourite author. Unlike most books which take a few chapters to really get into, I can get into her books immediately. This does have the unfortunate downside that I get through the books too quickly and then have to go and buy another one. The books I’ve read so far are The Last Time They Met, Eden Close, and The Weight of Water. The Last Time They Met was written after The Weight of Water and contains some of the same characters, but I’d recommend reading The Last Time They Met first as I did, because the twist at the end will be all the more surprising.

Second, Sixpence None The Richer. I bought their new album last week and it’s fantastic. I’ve been playing it almost non stop since then. It has a lot of really good songs on it, including a cover of Don’t Dream It’s Over. One track, Tension Is A Passing Note I think has distinctive overtones of Eden Burning, while another track somehow reminds me of Stereophonics, although I’m not sure why.

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