Haandi Hint 4

If you’re in Nairobi and you’re looking for a good curry house, you could do worse than look in on Haandi, in The Mall in Westlands. Their curries are very nearly as good as those from the Royal Bengal Balti in Coventry. I’d advise you to make a reservation if you’re going on Friday night though – we had to wait about an hour and a half last night before getting seated.

If you don’t want a curry, try going to the Awash Ethiopian restaurant on Mucai Road. It’s extremely cheap and the food’s not bad either.

4 thoughts on “Haandi Hint

  1. Reply Maret Jan 27,2003 17:08

    But if you want English? where do you go then?

  2. Reply James Ots Jan 28,2003 04:54

    Big City Fish and Chips, also in The Mall. Or Wimpey. If you want American, you can’t have a MacDonalds because there are none in Kenya – hooray! (Kenya won’t let them import beef and they don’t want to use Kenyan beef.) So for American you have to go to Java House, which is far better than Maccy D’s because they actually have good food.

  3. Reply Maret Jan 28,2003 18:14

    Well Nairobi is certainly the place to come for a meal then.Let`s book Friday night then eh!!!!

  4. Reply St Valentine Feb 14,2003 09:32

    I still think Anghiti is the best Indian in Nairobi. And they don’t make you wait forever!!

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