Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam 4

Received in my mailbox today:

I have recently founded your website. Design is bad. We are promoting new great resource of website template. Use my templates to build good website.

To thank him for his kind words, I thought I’d put a link to his website on here. Then I changed my mind and put a link to Peter Hall’s Flash website instead, as he was kind enough to link to mine yesterday.

4 thoughts on “Lovely Spam, Wonderful Spam

  1. Reply Peter Hall Apr 7,2006 14:06

    hehe 🙂

  2. Reply Peter Hall Apr 7,2006 14:06

    BTW James, you’ve been amongst the contenders for random selection ever since I started my random links panel. 🙂

  3. Reply James Ots Apr 7,2006 14:06

    I was referring to the link in the "What are you looking at?" story, not the one in "random links". I hadn’t noticed the link in random links until you mentioned it. Thanks for that one too!

  4. Reply Anonymous Apr 7,2006 14:06

    You are lucky, as of Feb 9 I have received 11 copies of that particular piece of spam. If you visit the web site advertised, they claim that they aren’t the ones doing the spamming and that the FBI is looking into it. Damn hackers always advertising other people’s web sites with non-grammatical spam… Think of the children!

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