Four Months Left 4

Yesterday I walked into town to change the date on my plane ticket to June 30th. It was very hot, but it was quite nice walking across Uhuru park towards town. There are always random people sleeping in the park during the day, and around the lake there are several portrait photographers hanging around. Some day I’ll have to take my camera there, as the picture of the city centre reflected in the lake could look quite good.

I eventually found the building I was looking for and took the lift to the twentieth floor, where I was given a numbered ticket and took a seat. The office was new and clean and air conditioned and could have been anywhere – it didn’t feel like Nairobi. What did feel like Nairobi was that although I was given a numbered ticket, no-one was calling out numbers, so there was no way to know when it was my turn!

While I was waiting there was a young man buying a plane ticket in front of me. When it came to paying for the ticket he reached down and pulled two bundle of notes from his socks, each an inch thick!

That’s all for now.

4 thoughts on “Four Months Left

  1. Reply Maret Apr 7,2006 14:06

    That sounds very familiar to me.(Putting money in socks).When I got my first salaries in Estonia I too did similarly as it was not safe to carry money around.

  2. Reply Michael Ots Apr 7,2006 14:06

    Suprising anyone would one to take the money after it been sitting in a sweaty pair of socks!

  3. Reply James Ots Apr 7,2006 14:06

    So you wouldn’t take £500 of sweaty notes?

  4. Reply Michael Ots Apr 7,2006 14:06

    Well if they were for me personally I might be ablt to put up with it!

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