Naivasha III – The One Where Wendy Falls Into A Pit

I’ve just got back from the Youth Weekend Away in Naivasha. Once again we went to Fisherman’s Camp, but this time we had a few more people on the camp.

We had an eventful start to the weekend, when Wendy (one of the youth leaders), managed to fall into a five metre deep hole in the middle of the camp site, which had been covered with branches. Thankfully she somehow managed to not break anything, although she did hurt her arm and got quite scratched by the thorns in the pit.

On Saturday morning we went down to the lake to do some wakeboarding. We also played football with the kids who were hanging around by the lake. The first ball got punctured on the thorn bushes, but Andrew arrived from Nairobi a few minutes later and had fortunately brought another football with him.

He had also brought a huge box of fireworks and on Saturday night we gave them to the youth and left them to their own devices. This time we didn’t buy so many firecrackers, but the lads still kept enough so they could wake the girls the next morning. Which was a good thing, because after watching DVDs until sunrise nothing else was going to wake them.

On Sunday we went down to the bottom camp and did some swimming and played some basketball. I was really pleased with myself because I got two baskets, which is the best I’ve done since I was at school.


  • Bon Jovi plays the guitar?
  • David shows how a saucepan should be worn properly.
  • Playing football, with Mount Longonot in the background.
  • Andrew carrying a small box of fireworks.
  • A bench breaks unexpectedly.

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