New Silly Poetry

God is Deaf

“God is deaf”
said Nietzsche.
At least, I think that’s what he said –
the room was noisy
and I didn’t hear him very well.
“God is deaf”
said Neitzsche
as he added yet another
unnecessary letter to his name.
“God is deaf”
said Neitzsche,
and the preacher,
shouting through his loudspeaker,
made sure God heard
the sermon that he had to bring
to most of west Nairobi.

Basking Shark

My friend called Jack
went round the back
of my house without asking
and found a shark, basking
in the sun by the side of my pool.
The fool!

Written in 2003

Why The Apostrophe?

Thro’ the storm I wand’rd, with miry skies so gre’,
Whilst in the kitchen Mrs. Blob dids’t make some food so gay.

Twas mingin’ food, ’tis said by most, the kind she tries to bake
And when I eat it, truth be said, my stomach tends to ache.

Which most did what, and with’r he, the range it was so since;
‘Till all about the time was rent and more did grunt and wince.

Written in 2008

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