Lake Magadi 1

On Friday Andrew and I went down to Lake Magadi for the day. Andrew had a meeting with someone from the Soda company, so I went along for the ride, and to get some photos.

it was very hot and dry at Magadi, and very strange. It’s a soda lake with huge salt flats around it. Large amounts of the lake have a thin crust over the top which makes it look like land, hence the sign which warns against walking on the lake surface. There are some places where you can drive across the lake. There are pools of pink and green water surrounded by expanses of white salt. There’s also an overpowering smell of eggs at one place, near the soda factory. (That’s soda used in making glass, not fizzy drinks).

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  1. Reply Rob Grace Oct 11,2004 17:52

    Hey James,

    I’ve been following the African adventure from this end – must admit I’m very jealous! I live and work in Asheville, NC, USA, these days, as a systems analyst – what kind of work are you doing in Africa, or is it more of a vacation for you? Keep up the interesting blog – any chance of making the photos bigger, or linking to larger images elsewhere?


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