Much Beardage 2

Today I went to a model railway exhibition with my brother. Because he had no-one else to take him, and I haven’t seen much of him recently – not because I wanted to go to a model railway exhibition. I have to admit that I was quite impressed by the details of some of the models, and took some photographs to illustrate it. I also took some photos of the many old bearded men who were also there, but I decided I probably shouldn’t shame them by publishing their pictures here. I reckon it was about 98% male, 75% old, 10% bearded, 10% extremely nerdy, 5% extremely normal, and other percents to fill in the gaps where necessary.

A few times I found it hard not laughing out loud at people. One of the model railways was about two metres long and was operated by two old bearded people, who looked like they were concentrating very hard, and instead of talking to each other, rang little bells. Apparently that’s what the signalmen used to do, and they wanted to make it realistic. I just had difficulty not laughing at them. But overall it was an interesting day. I don’t think I’ll be making a model railway myself though.

2 thoughts on “Much Beardage

  1. Reply Paul Oct 22,2020 04:33

    Ahahahahaha – I love the stats….must’ve been exhilirating!

  2. Reply Matt Ots Oct 22,2020 04:33

    Only just read this… 6 months after you posted it! I’d like to point out to any readers who don’t know me that I’m not one of the beardy, old or extremely nerdy percentage (well, the last one is open to question I guess, depending on whether you think all people with an interest in model railways are extremely nerdy or not….!!)

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