Sing, Sing, Sing

On Saturday night a group of us went out to celebrate Andrew’s birthday. First we went to Andrew and David’s place on Ngong Road for a few drinks before we went to a restaurant/club just up the road, where I had the worst food since I’ve been in Kenya – a very greasy burrito which made me feel a bit ill.

They had karioke there, which was interesting because it’s the first time I’ve heard someone do karioke who could actually sing. But after a few songs the power went out, so it had to all stop. I was a bit surprised that a place like that didn’t have their own generator, but they were sort of prepared – within seconds of the power going out they were already lighting candles and distributing them round the place.

Our table weren’t put off by the lack of power though, and carried on singing regardless, doing some interesting acappella arrangements of classic karioke songs!

After a while we got bored of that and went off (in a Landrover with three people on the roof) to a bar where there was a live band playing Congolese music. They weren’t brilliant though, so we moved on to a club up Langata Road where there was a much better band playing. They had a very good drummer, but it’s not really my kind of music. It’s far too repetetive.

I got back quite late and didn’t sleep very well to start with because of that dodgy burrito, so ended up sleeping until ten to eleven on Sunday morning, and nearly missed the whole of church. I got there in time to help clear up the PA and then go out for lunch.

In the evening I went to youth group, where we were going to show a DVD. But just after we’d set up the laptop and projector, the power went off. So we couldn’t do that. Hopefully the power’ll stay on next week at the youth weekend away when we try to show DVDs.

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