The Burning Tower of Pizzas

This evening Andrew discovered a new way of cooking pizza – the chargrill. In order to keep the pizza warm while the youth group was busy playing football (boys) and gossiping (girls), he put the four pizza boxes in the oven. Result: Smoked Pizza.

In The Bleak Midwinter

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year – the official middle of the winter. And just to rub it in, the weather was so cold last night that I almost got up to put a T-shirt on. But today it’s pretty warm and sunny again though.

Return of the Jedi 1

Just one week to go, so I need to do all the things I didn’t get round to doing during the last year. Unfortunately, that’d involve travelling to Malawi and the Masaai Mara, climbing Mount Kenya, learning Swahili properly and loads of other things which I just don’t have time for now. However, this morning ...

Lipstick 8

At the house I’m currently staying there’s a four year old girl called Akiiki. Yesterday she asked me why I was wearing lipstick. I explained that it’s the normal colour for a mzungu’s lips.

Feel The Love 5

I went to see Anger Management at the cinema last night. It’s very funny – go and see it!

That Was The Week That Was

Sorry about the lack of updates recently – I was on holiday last week and tried to avoid using the internet. I didn’t really do much, but it was nice to have a few lie-ins instead of having to go to work at 7am. I went to the Village Market on Friday, but the Maasai ...

Paradise 1

This is a duka on Elgon Road, near where I live. In case you can’t read the sign, it’s called the Fruits and Vegetable Paradise. I also have some new photos which I have just had developed and scanned. You can see them on the photos page.