Today I became a film star. Well, more of an extra really. I suffered a ‘minor laceration’ while doing the washing up (a glass literally fell apart in my hand) and had to have Naomi take me to A & E. While I was waiting to be a seen, someone came over and said they were doing a TV documentary thing, and since I looked like I had an interesting injury, would I like to be filmed? They must have been having a boring day, to find someone with a tea-towel wrapped around his hand interesting, but I let them film me. So if you watch one of the Discovery channels in May you might get to see me on a programme called ‘A & E Discovery’ – they said the programme is a bit like ‘Trauma’, but I’ve never seen that programme so it doesn’t help much. I took a photo of my injury, but to save making you feel ill (even though it wasn’t that bad) I’ll let you see it on TV instead. (If they leave it in.) I had five stitches, which is the first time I’ve had stitches, and I’m currently not supposed to bend the fingers of my right hand. Not that I could anyway, because it hurts if I do. Oh, and the x-ray was to find out if I had any glass in me.

On the way home we were passed by a BMW with the number plate ‘SA48 XX’ (not actually XX, but I didn’t want to publish their complete number on the web. I thought it slightly odd – maybe they’d much rather have a Saab, but are stuck with a beamer?

In other news: I’ve been in my new job for two and a half weeks and I’m really enjoying it. Naomi has got a job at Go Outdoors. We went to see a band call [dweeb] on Thursday, who rock.

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