Password Changing

Password Changing
So my computer screen was locked at work today, and when I tried to unlock it it decided it was time for me to change my password. That’s not such a big deal – it’s just a case of trying to think of a password which isn’t the same as any of my last 30 ...

2nd Weekly Barbeque

We’ve just finished our second weekly barbeque, and it went well. Especially the weather – last week it rained, but today it was nice and hot so we could sit outside. In case you haven’t heard, the idea is that we’ll have a barbeque every Friday evening during the summer. If you know us, you’re ...

Misty Island

Misty Island, originally uploaded by James Ots. I’m just trying out things on WordPress – and at the moment, I’m trying out blogging from Flickr. This is a photo I took during our honeymoon. Nice, isn’t it?


I was just looking up at the sky, watching the clouds float by, and thought I should try drawing the clouds. So I did. I’m not sure how this will work as I have never posted from my phone before.

Time for a Refresh

I finally bit the bullet and scrapped my website. For the last eight or so years, this website has been running on my own custom code. I wrote it because I couldn’t find anything which was flexible enough to do what I wanted, and which was coded with clean and robust code. It’s been working ...

A Brief History of Time

As is often the case, it’s been quote a long time since I updated the blog. This is partly because a lot of my daily updates are now done via facebook and twitter, partly because having a baby means I’m often too tired or busy to update the blog, and partly because I’m too lazy. ...

Week 23